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Our story:
Once upon a time, we had a dog...the dog caught everything except mice, so we got a couple of cats. The cats caught the mice and let them
loose in the house -- alive, so we got a rat terrier. Then I wanted a goat and we adopted three. When the elderly big dog needed a friend, we
got another big dog. Then a couple more stray cats showed up, a neighbor offered us some free chickens, etc., etc., etc. Currently, we have
dogs, cats, a pygmy goat and various standard chickens. We will someday add sheep for shearing, Alpine dairy goats, and a couple of draft
horses. Our little farm is 2.5 acres located in scenic, Western Washington in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. I grow organic vegetables and herbs,
and raise cage free chickens for eggs. The farm is currently my second job - hence the term Hobby. When I retire from my "other job", I'll
try goat milk and cheese, bee keeping and spinning wool.

Our original dog Sheba and one of
the cats Moe.

Some of the goats we've had over the years.

Fluffy babies.

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